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10-October-2006, 18:16

Re-emerging from Hiatus
New versions of all pages are being uploaded. It's a slow process but new pages will be up. My aim is two a month. Please remember that i'm studying for the IB and that my gran is quite ill at the moment, not to mention CAS (which, if i'm lucky) i might be able to get from this. Either way, updates won't be frequent and a few pages may not get coloured but i will try and make an effort.

12-May-2006, 23:11

Entering Hiatus
With GCSE's approaching, the comic will have to enter a period of hiatus until the 17th of June. Not to mention that I've got to learn my lines for Importance of Being Earnest.
After this point i will try to offer weekly updates, although there may not be any until the end of July as i will be in India.
I would like to remind members of Elftowners that they can receive updates over the wiki Hol: Updates@wiki and the progress can be monitored at Hol: Issue Progress@wiki.

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