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I'm 17 and currently tudying for the IB. I live in Enlgand, under the flight path of Stansted Airport. My hobbies include writing, drawing and canoeing. Long gone are the days when they included trying to avoid detentions from my German teacher. I'm now trying to avoif them from my Spanish teacher. My fears include spiders and haircuts.

About the Story

There are people no one notices. This is their story.

Any one who was around in 1996 may remember a TV series called Neverwhere. It told the tale of a man who, to his amazment, get caught up in the London Below. I was six when this series came out. I had never even heard of Neverwhere until my mum pointed out the similarites. I assure you that i knew nothing of it when i started so any similarities you may draw between the two are coincidence.


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