Gabriel is a stern character. He believes in order and precision. His quest for perfection has led him to hate the sloppy and random behaviour of Elijah. Gabriel would take any chance he has to criticise and degrade Elijah. Gabriel is part of the House Of Limbo council and runs a tight ship. He has a soft spot for Spirit but trys to deny it to everyone including himself.


One of the few people tolerated by Gabriel. Despite her punk look she's friendly and sensetive. She's a big person but she doesn't mind.


Ghost joined the HOL at the pleadings of Spirit and Gabriel. He's still trying to get used to the different kind of world. The transition isn't so bad with Elijah as his room mate.


Her name derives from a creature from the hemlock forests of Pennsylvania. An ugly creature with ill fitting skin covered in boils. Its sobs and cries can be heard echoing between the trees. She is sensitive about her features, from her skin blemishes to her unkempt hair. Her most striking feature is that she is blind and yet, despite her eyes being grey and lifeless, she is able to sense what is around her.


A random sort of guy with a habit of showing off. Despite being showy, he's a good friend and knows what to say to charm and seduce. He rather enjoys the way Gabriel loathes him.

 The Busker

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